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Image:Jochen Stüber

Naval Operation School:

A pool of a different kind

As a central Bundeswehr training facility for operative activities on ships and boats, the Naval Operation School in Bremerhaven has had a new rescue and water training hall since early 2015 in which a wide range of courses are held, in particular on the appropriate conduct by mobile staff in emergencies on the high seas. The new building offers two separate training areas which look practically the same at first glance. Not only are they practically identical in terms of design, the room size and pool dimensions are almost the same, and in both cases, an expansive glass facade ensures plenty of natural daylight. There are, however, major differences in terms of use. Swim training and instructions on the rescue facilities available on board naval vessels (inflatable life rafts, abandonment suits, life jackets etc.) take place in the smaller rescue training hall while the somewhat larger pool in the water training hall serves as a facility for “Open Sea Survival Training” – survival training for emergency situations such as emergency landings on water by aircraft or helicopters.