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Image:Jack Hobhouse

Freemen’s School Pool

An architecture of understatement

As the second phase of a larger transformation, Hawkins\Brown has designed the swimming pool for a private school in Ashtead, southwest of London.

Ceramics are ubiquitously present in most swimming pools, as the go-to products for wet interiors. Waterproof and durable, they can easily withstand moisture and the wear and tear of heavy use. However, even if a pool abounds in ceramics, their presence does not always constitute a dominant feature. A case in point is the swimming pool for the City of London Freemen’s School, designed by Hawkins\Brown, as part of multi-phase development plan for this school complex in Ashtead, which is listed as a heritage site. The two next phases will include the creation of new dining and kitchen facilities, boarding accommodation, and teaching spaces in the Main House.