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Image:Jochen Stüber

Edeka market in Flensburg

In coordination with the Edeka headquarters, the Hansen architectural office (Hürup/Germany) developed a new extension in steel and glass construction. This extension and the existing building were designed as a large market with flowing transitions, yet a clear visual separation between old and new was to be maintained. Hansen achieved this demanding goal creatively and constructively in the true sense of the word: for the transition to the new building and the entrance to the Medelbyer bakery with seating and Sunday opening, a proud eight metres of the old exposed brickwork wall were opened and statically underpinned with beams. For fire protection reasons, the previous steel windows were also removed, the openings bricked up and the original windows reinstalled. A successful illusion, because the visitors of the market assume that they will continue to look at the former exterior wall of the old wood shop. The architects also make skillful use of the original, powerful appearance of the exposed masonry and created an impressive entrance for the Medelbyer bakery, which is rich in tradition.