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Image:Jochen Stüber

Edeka market in Flensburg

Started as a wood shop, the imposing building of exposed brickwork later housed a branch of Kaiser's (a former German supermarket chain) before Lutz Blask decided to open his Edeka store here in 2010. With 950 square metres, however, it was already one of the smallest full-range stores in Flensburg at the time. Blask was all the more delighted when, in 2018, the opportunity arose not only to modernize the store but also to expand it to around 1,500 square meters. The decision was not difficult for Blask, but the planning in the run-up to the construction project was somewhat more complicated. For example, it was necessary to purchase additional land in order to create the required number of parking spaces. In addition, appropriate noise protection measures were to be taken to take account of the legitimate interests of the local residents. At the same time, everything had to be handled sensitively under building law in order not to jeopardize the protection of existing buildings from the 1950s.